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Secret Witchery, what is it?

Secret Witchery is the name I gave to my Instagram account when I started customizing dolls in 2017.

Passionate about dolls and since forever, I started as a collector, then I began to offer customization services.


I learned my techniques over time, by testing, looking at forums, videos, and articles about doll modification, in order to understand the techniques, and use the right materials to bring my creations to life.

I am extremely grateful for the support I received until today, thank you for allowing me to continue to make dolls for a living !


it's me (。◕‿◕。)


Creating process

If you are interested in the creating process and how I make my dolls, I've started a series of videos that you can find on my Instragram account @secret.witchery in the Reels section, where I fly through different episodes, each stage of making a doll, from makeup, to the outfits that are also handmade.

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